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Paul Carmichael with Overwater bass


You can now get private tuition from Paul Carmichael at the studio

You are already playing bass, and you have an instrument. But you are beginning to realise that there are massive holes in your understanding, and knowledge. You need a working professional to take you to the next level.

Here are the topics:

- how to learn songs

- improve your reading skills to pro levels

- improve your technique

- improve your time keeping

- learn how to solo over chord changes

- how to work out the grooves

- getting a studio technique together

- playing with drummers

- get your professionalism sorted for gigs

- look at playing double bass

We work in my studio and you get the opportunity to record your self and play on existing sessions.

Lessons are 1 hour maximum. you get a free meeting of about 20 minutes to assess. Then you have to purchase a minimum of 3 sessions in advance at £50 per session.

Times are flexible.

CALL 020 8348 1222



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